I took my car in to get it fixed before I sold it. Tom was extremely professional. My car was shaking bad when I brought it in; when they gave me a quote on the parts, they asked that I come into the garage so I could look at exactly what they were talking about. They took their time explaining every detail to me. When I got it back, they had changed the oil, and repaired a few minor issues on the body. They far exceeded my expectations.

Mary V.

After 7 years my car sat in the garage and Husker Auto brought it and myself to life. I brought my car to two other auto shops (rated the best) and did not want to take on the project after they said it was easy over the phone. Husker took on the challenge, not only did Husker succeed Tom overachieved, He treated my car as if it was his own. Not only did he repair the vehicle but cleaned it and had great suggestions. Tom is modestly highly skilled beyond the handful of mechanics i have come across And he is more than fair. highly knowledgeable and honest family oriented.

Philips P.

I found them to be very helpful. They have done excellent work on my car, the costs seemed fair, and they have always been very professional. I have already recommended them to my family.

Dennis Z.

Thanks Husker Automotive! The owner was very accommodating with a speedy service, fair price, and friendly employees. I will go back again, and I plan to tell my friends to go there, as well.

Donna G.